Stephanie (mnemosyne9) wrote in pdx_eavesdrops,

Fun on the Bus

On the #17 southbound bus in downtown a few days ago. Two huge crazy women, one wearing the ugliest neon yellow and blue tie-dyed t-shirt. They chatted at the top of their voices for about 20 minutes of my trip around 5 pm.

Key bits::

Yellow shirt: (talks about a painting class she's taking..)
Other Woman: You know, I heard if you mix green and blue you can get a really nice shade of purple!
Yellow shirt: Oh really? Well, they have every color of blue there, like four different kinds.
People around them: o_O?

Later on...

Other Woman: You should write a screenplay! It's so easy, you only need to write like 90 pages for it to be an hour and a half, and then people will bid on it and they'll pay you tons of money! I know all about this, you should let me tell you how to do it.

There was a lot more but that's the best stuff I remember. They also had a huge discussion about how awesome caffeine is and how much they need all the time. Which was funnier than it sounds.

I didn't know there was an overhearing comm for Portland, so now that I do I will post my bus trip entertainments:)
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